Technology & Workflow

Creating seamless radiology workflows is what our IT specialists excel in. We focus on customer specific requirements in a flexible and pragmatic manner.

Our IT solutions are vehicles for delivery of our service, not profit centers. That is why our customers enjoy the latest PACS/RIS and communication technologies at minimum cost. Teleconsult’s  IT support center will tailor integration and connectivity plans with your current systems, ensuring secure transmission of studies and receipt of reports, directly into your PACS/RIS or HIS if desired.

To deliver its services Teleconsult has selected systems from several leading IT partners. That is why we can seamlessly tie into your current IT environment or help you develop and set up a system from scratch.

Our IT & PACS platforms are cost-effective, flexible, standards-compliant, web-based, workflow management solutions designed for centralized and distributed imaging environments. Consolidate all radiology exam information including images and reports from multiple systems into a centrally managed work list, accessible using off-the-shelf browser technology. Teleconsult IT & PACS PACS platforms provide complete PACS functionality, including data acquisition, long-term storage, high availability, disaster recovery and advanced diagnostics viewing.

Teleconsult IT platforms are CE Marked and/or FDA approved and have substantial fault tolerance and disaster recovery solutions built into the systems. Encryption, bi-level login authentication and rules-based user access down to the patient record level ensure compliance with international standards such as HIPAA and the EU Data Protection Directive.

For more information about our technology and workflow solutions, please contact:

Hans Geuens, IT Director
Phone: +31 (0)85 060 7705

Teleconsult IT & PACS platforms feature:
  • Highly configurable worklists/workflows, including color schemes
  • Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) for read/write to third-party DICOM archives
  • HIPAA compliant, role-based controls for multi-user access
  • Automated actions based on user-defined rules, such as making studies visible on designated worklists, pre-caching studies to a specific workstation, sending notifications to users, printing and faxing reports, etc.
  • Embedded dictation, transcription and speech understanding for seamless PACS-driven workflow, no RIS or separate third-party system necessary
  • Native document scanning and document uploading (PDF/JPEG) into PACS
  • Key images and annotations stored together as part of the medical report and available online for secure customer access via browser-enabled devices
  • Integrated management tools for data coercion, providing the ability to manipulate DICOM information when acquired by the server for normalization or correction of data
  • Auto print, fax and email notifications triggered by changes in study status for critical results reporting management
  • Templated web pages for more granular access to study information (certain fields can be hidden, rather than the whole page)
  • Fast, centralized view of all patient information in Patient Folder
  • Ability to create orders upon receipt of inbound studies and post to a centralized global worklist
  • Integration of third-party speech systems for seamless PACS-driven workflow
  • HL7 interface with multiple disparate HIS, RIS, PM and EMR systems
  • Role-based permissions for customized user accounts
  • Study anonymization/sanitization features for de-identification in clinical trials management and peer review
  • Web-based, programmable API interface, providing access to reports and images from EMRs
  • Management reporting allowing filtered worklists to be exported to MS Excel (without requiring a RIS)
  • Support for medical image sharing/viewing, via the secure import/uploading of CD/DVDs, USB, etc. from any computer connected to the Internet
  • International language support
  • Support for the import of DICOM media
  • Access to forgotten password via credential-checked email
  • Database optimization for large volumes.