Remote reporting of radiology studies is at the core of the complete Teleradiology services we offer our client clinics. Prompt delivery of high quality reports has our full dedication.

Teleconsult’s international team of EU, UK and US accredited and certified sub specialty radiologists remotely interpret and report all non-invasive imaging studies, CT , MRI, PET , Mammography, CT Angiography (coronary and peripheral CT), Ultrasound, and X-Ray studies. Reports are provided within 60 minutes to 24 hours to any location on the globe.

Service overview
  • 24 hour reporting support

    Our clients rely on our 24 hour reporting service for cost effective and quality interpretations of their imaging studies.

  • Subspecialty support

    For optimal diagnostic quality Teleconsult’s sub specialty radiologists offer second opinion services for complex studies and double read services for training and quality control purposes.

  • On call support

    High-quality, comprehensive and detailed reports with rapid turnaround, focusing on acute care triage decisions that allow for optimal patient care and shorter Emergency Room stays.


Our radiology reporting services are offered by 100+ Board Certified radiologists focusing on specialty fields. Most of our radiologists are active in a clinical environment, keeping them closely connected and in tune with daily clinical situations and challenges. This creates affinity with remote cases and ensures the up-to-date knowledge our customers require.


TeleConsult radiologists are recruited and selected based on their education, experience and sub specialty fields. Prior to joining the TeleConsult team, new radiologists must pass a pre-qualification test as part of our Quality Assurance Program. Subsequently the reporting quality of each individual radiologist is monitored continuously through our Peer Review program.

IT Expertise & Solutions

Our IT solutions are vehicles for delivery of our service, not profit centers. That is why our customers enjoy the latest PACS/RIS and communication technologies at minimum cost. Our IT support center will tailor integration and connectivity plans with your current systems, ensuring secure transmission of studies and receipt of reports, directly into your RIS or HIS if desired.

National laws & regulations

TeleConsult Europe is a true international teleradiology services provider, designing its governance framework to be compliant with local rules and regulations. Our country management team will work together with national and local authorities to address matters such as professional accountability, patient privacy and confidentiality, and data management regulations.