Teleconsult pathologists offer services ranging from remote reporting of cyto- and histological cases, to lab design and quality assurance programs. We support the most basic lab set ups with second opinions and on-line consultations, and connect more advanced labs to our web based telepathology platform for routine reporting of diverse cases.

Service overview
  • Remote laboratory support

    Virtual laboratory rounds: local pathology laboratory staff can interact with remote specialist pathologists to discuss subjects regarding: test results, interpretation of tests, reporting/validation/authorization of results or any other troubleshooting at the lab.

  • Remote reporting of routine cyto and histological cases

    Our customized IT and communication solutions are available to our customers for remote reporting and communication.

  • Remote support of Quality management systems (QMS)

    Oversight and approval of QMS or any assistance with QMS.

  • Remote training & education

    Tailor made digital pathology courses can be developed for online and offline access.

  • On-site laboratory support & consultancy

    Regular on-site visits are essential to maintain the best quality of remote laboratory services. On-site visits are useful for on-demand and tailor-made laboratory capacity building purposes and on-site training of local laboratory staff.


Our pathology services are offered by Dutch and EU Board Certified clinical pathologists with sub-specialties in the fields of neuropathology, mamma pathology, hepatopathology, nefropathology, endocrine pathology, gastointestnical pathology, dermatopathology, urogenital pathology, Perinatal pathology, Pulmonal Pathology, Endocrine Pathology, Gyneacopathology, musculoskeletal pathology, head and neck pathology.

Our pathologists are mainly active in clinical hospital settings, keeping them closely connected and in tune with daily clinical situations and challenges. This creates affinity with remote cases and ensures the up-to-date knowledge our customers require.


Our pathologists are recruited and selected based on their motivation, experience and sub specialty fields. Prior to joining the Telepathology team, new pathologists must pass a pre-qualification test as part of our Quality Assurance Program. Subsequently the performance of each individual pathologist is monitored continuously through our Peer Review program.

IT Expertise & Solutions

Our IT solutions are vehicles for delivery of our service, not profit centers. That is why our customers enjoy the latest web based telepathology communication technologies at minimum cost. Our IT support center will tailor integration and connectivity plans with your current systems, ensuring secure transmission of interpretation of results and reports, directly into your LIS or HIS if desired.

National laws & regulations

TeleConsult Europe is a true international teleradiology services provider, designing its governance framework to be compliant with local rules and regulations. Our country management team will work together with national and local authorities to address matters such as professional accountability, patient privacy and confidentiality, and data management regulations.