Clinical Trials

Clinical trials, a unique role for medical imaging

The use of centralized and standardized assessments of medical imaging in the various development phases of new drugs and biologics continues to grow year over year. More than 35% of all multi-center clinical trials initiated by the pharmaceutical and biotech industry have a medical imaging component for assessing safety, efficacy and/or eligibility. In order to minimize the variability of the analysis of all those scans, the assessment of the imaging component is usually being standardized as much as possible. In many cases this centralized work is being outsourced to highly specialized Imaging Core Labs. These Core Labs will have to have access to an increasing capacity of experienced and appropriately certified radiologists to analyze all these clinical trial medical images.

Teleconsult provides experienced Expert Reader capacity for a variety of therapeutic indications, involving a wide variety of imaging modalities and many different reading methodologies. This list of quantitative assessments includes, but is certainly not limited to the following oncology response criteria:

– RECIST 1.0/1.1
– Cheson/Lugano
– RANO/McDonald
– Choi

Do not hesitate to contact us if your study requires a specific methodology. Undoubtedly we will be able to locate an experienced and available reader in our continuously growing network of radiologists.