Breast Screening

In 2012 TeleConsult’s dedicated breast radiologists were selected by the Dutch Government to interpret screening mammography studies for the National Breast Cancer Screening program.

Teleconsult Europe offers following program elements
  • Program design
  • Program management
  • Quality assurance management
  • Communication management
  • Screening and reading services
  • Training & education
  • IT Solutions (teleradiology)
From its worldwide network of radiologists and healthcare executives, TeleConsult creates subspecialty teams for screening assignments

Customization of services is Teleconsult Europe´s primary forte. We possess the ideal network of professionals and IT systems to successfully support the completion of all phases of the screening program, from design to daily workflow.

Because of our daily involvement with the Dutch National Breast Cancer Screening Program, TCE’s substantial network of professionals is an excellent source for creating a dedicated team to contribute to developing, implementing and managing your Screening Program.