Viking shares soar as liver disease drug succeeds in mid-stage study

Viking Therapeutics Inc's shares more than doubled on Tuesday after its experimental liver disease treatment met the goals of a mid-stage trial by lowering cholesterol and liver fat levels in patients.

South Africa's highest court gives green light to private use of cannabis

South Africa's highest court on Tuesday allowed the private use of marijuana, upholding a lower court's ruling that found the criminalization of cannabis was unconstitutional.

Macron injects more cash into France's strained healthcare system

President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday promised extra money and more doctors in rural areas to ease pressure on France's hospitals, which are creaking under the weight of budget constraints and closures of clinics outside towns and cities.

Ultra runner Sophie Power on breastfeeding during a 103-mile race

An ultra runner mother on why she breastfed her baby during a 103-mile marathon race.

South Africa's highest court legalises cannabis use

Pro-marijuana activists cheer following a landmark ruling by the country's highest court.

Medical News Today: High blood pressure breakthrough: Over 500 genes uncovered

The world's largest genetic study of hypertension finds that the number of genetic loci involved is three times larger than previously thought.

Pregnancy weight gain 'going unmeasured'

Midwives want clear advice about how much weight is healthy for women to put on during pregnancy.

Medical News Today: Research reveals four distinct personality clusters

Existing personality tests have long been criticized by experts as unreliable. New 'big data' research, however, reveals four solid personality clusters.

Africa's rapid population growth puts poverty progress at risk, says Gates

Rapid population growth in some of Africa's poorest countries could put at risk future progress towards reducing global poverty and improving health, according to a report by the philanthropic foundation of Bill Gates.

Bedside light tool could detect baby brain injury earlier

A new bedside tool can detect brain damage by measuring oxygen and energy levels using light.

Hiding my psychosis for 10 years from the age of 12

Luke Watkins first experienced psychosis at 12 years old - he didn't talk about it for a decade.

Many cancer patients' relatives might get gene tests if price is right

(Reuters Health) - Cancer patients' close relatives might be willing to get tests to see if they share genetic mutations that put them at risk for tumors, too, if testing were accessible and affordable, a U.S. experiment suggests.

'I've performed 23,000 post-mortems'

Dr Richard Shepherd has examined evidence from 9/11 and 7/7 terror attacks, and the death of Stephen Lawrence.

A child dies every five seconds, and most are preventable deaths - U.N.

An estimated 6.3 million children died before their 15th birthdays in 2017, or one every five seconds, mostly due to a lack of water, sanitation, nutrition and basic healthcare, according to report by United Nations agencies on Tuesday.

Few teens with chronic health problems have plans to take charge of their own care

(Reuters Health) - Less than one in five teens with chronic health problems have made plans with their pediatrician to take over responsibility for their own care and transition to seeing doctors who treat adults, a U.S. study suggests.

Medical News Today: Leukemia rash pictures

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects white blood cells. Symptoms may include petechiae, which are tiny red, brown, or purple spots on the skin that resemble a rash. Rashes and other skin conditions are common and are not usually signs of cancer. L...

Medical News Today: Safest condoms and methods of use

Most condom brands are safe, but people should still check the labels to make sure they are effective against pregnancy and STIs. Novelty and natural condoms may not be as safe as others. Male and female condoms have slightly different safety levels. I...

Medical News Today: What to know about rheumatoid arthritis during pregnancy

Many women with rheumatoid arthritis experience a reduction in symptoms during pregnancy. However, this is not always the case, and some women may experience a flare shortly after childbirth. In this article, learn how rheumatoid arthritis affects preg...

Nairobi governor orders investigation into deaths of 12 babies at maternity hospital

The governor of Nairobi found the bodies of 12 infants in the mortuary of a hospital in the capital - an unusually high figure even amid declining standards of health care in Kenya - when he made a surprise visit to the facility at the weekend.

Coke eyes cannabis-infused drink market

Coca-Cola Co is closely watching the fast-growing marijuana drinks market for a possible entry that would expand the world's largest soft drink maker's ambitions further away from sugary sodas.

Almost one in 11 U.S. tweens and teens vape cannabis

(Reuters Health) - Roughly one in 11 American middle and high school students have used cannabis in e-cigarettes, a study suggests.

Medical News Today: Typical testosterone levels in males and females

Testosterone levels vary depending on a person’s sex, age, and physical activity levels. Testosterone levels that are too high or too low may cause a range of potential complications including infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Learn mor...

Medical News Today: Which essential oils can help with ear infections?

Some essential oils have antimicrobial or antiviral properties, which makes them possible candidates for treating ear infections. Some people find that placing a small amount of diluted essential oil into or around the ear can help reduce the symptoms ...

Medical News Today: Probiotics may help battle antibiotic resistance

Probiotics are known to reduce the risk of certain infections. The latest study finds that they may also reduce the need for antibiotics.

Medical News Today: Study overturns what we know about kidney stones

New research uses cutting-edge technology to study kidney stones. The findings change what we know about their nature, composition, and behavior.

Coca-Cola 'in talks' over cannabis-infused drinks

A report says the drinks giant is in discussions to develop pot-infused beverages with a cannabis firm.

Coke eying cannabis-infused drink market

Coca Cola Co said on Monday it was closely watching the growing marijuana-infused drinks market, responding to a media report that the world's largest beverage maker was in talks with Canada's Aurora Cannabis Inc .

Medical News Today: Weight loss surgery: How taste influences success

How does a person's taste in foods following weight loss surgery influence how successful the procedure is? A new study may have answered this question.

Deaths spiked during UK heatwave

When temperatures went up in England this summer, so did deaths, Office for National Statistics data shows.

Post-op opioids used far more in U.S. than Hong Kong

(Reuters Health) - Head and neck surgery patients in Hong Kong are far less likely to be prescribed opioids than patients undergoing similar surgeries in the U.S., new research shows.

Medical News Today: What are the best exercises for bat wings?

Strengthening the arms can help improve the muscles and promote fat loss. This can help to improve the shape of the arms and reduce excess and drooping skin that is there. This excess skin is sometimes known as "bat wings" or "bingo wings." Learn more ...

Coke, Aurora in talks to make cannabis-infused drinks: BNN Bloomberg

Coca-Cola Co is in talks with cannabis producer Aurora Cannabis Inc to make marijuana-infused beverages, Canadian news service BNN Bloomberg reported on Monday.

Medical News Today: Is it safe for a person with diabetes to eat sweets?

People with diabetes need to know how the food and drink they consume affects their blood sugar levels. However, it is a common misconception that they must avoid all sweets or sugary foods. A person with diabetes can still have sweets, as part of a he...

Coke, Aurora in talks for cannabis-infused drinks: BNN Bloomberg

Coca-Cola Co is in talks with Canadian marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis Inc to make cannabis-infused beverages, BNN Bloomberg reported on Monday.

China reports new African swine fever outbreak in Inner Mongolia

A new outbreak of African swine fever occurred on a farm in northern China's Inner Mongolia, the agriculture ministry said on Monday, the second in the region, as the highly contagious disease continues to spread rapidly across the world's top producer...

Targeted treatment for melanoma to be free on NHS

Trials showed the risk of the cancer returning after surgery was reduced with the therapy.

Medical News Today: Eating fiber can delay brain aging

New research shows that eating fiber releases butyrate, a fatty acid that prevents brain inflammation and improves memory in aging mice.

China's Anhui province launches emergency response to control African swine fever: local media

The regional government in eastern China's Anhui province has launched a Level-1 emergency response to control an outbreak of deadly African swine fever, a local government-backed newspaper reported on Monday.

China's pig fever outbreak a boon for chicken farmers

An outbreak of African swine fever in China is proving to be a windfall for chicken farmers, helping drive up prices of the country's second-most popular meat to two-and-a-half year highs.

Medical News Today: Hair loss: Scientists test wearable regrowth device

A study investigating ways to promote hair regrowth takes a look at micro LEDs. The scientists believe that they could be used as a wearable solution.