New research finds that environmental cues related to drugs can strengthen memories and implicitly make addictive habits harder to kick.
The MNT team jetted off to NYC for the company's year start meeting this month, where we discussed exciting plans for 2019 and beyond. Managing Editor Honor reveals more.
(Reuters Health) - Cancer patients often receive radioactive drugs that target tumor cells. A new case report suggests there could be unanticipated fallout if these patients die and their bodies are cremated.
Johnson & Johnson has resumed production of its baby powder at plants in India after government tests found no asbestos in the product, the company said on Thursday.
British American Tobacco does not believe there is scientific evidence to support potential U.S. restrictions on menthol cigarettes and believes such restrictions would have no impact on smoking rates, its chief executive told Reuters on Thursday.
Water chestnuts are tuber vegetables that grow underwater. They are low in calories and contain antioxidants, and they can be a healthful addition to a balanced diet.
Novavax Inc shares crashed 65 percent on Thursday after data showed its vaccine failed to prevent RSV disease, a leading cause of respiratory infections in infants, missing the main goal of a late-stage study.
Akorn Inc said on Thursday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration pointed out certain concerns at its manufacturing plant in Amityville, New York, that included lack of records on the maintenance and cleaning of equipment.
The symptoms of mania in bipolar disorder include high energy levels, euphoria, and elevated self-esteem. Learn more about bipolar mania symptoms here.
India's drugs regulator has found no asbestos in Johnson & Johnson talc, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Thursday.