According to new research, placing too much emphasis on happiness can actually give rise to depressive symptoms, especially in the Western world.

How can listening to music make us feel? A new study involving participants from different cultures has identified 13 possible emotions that music evokes.

A new study in older adults has found a strong correlation between having found meaning in one’s life and having good overall health.

Intelligence quotient (IQ) is a score derived from standardized tests that measure a person’s cognitive ability against that of similarly aged peers. In this article, learn about the average IQ.

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude. In this month’s letter, Managing Editor Honor talks about the importance of gratitude all year round.

In a recent review, the authors attempt to identify personality traits that enhance the placebo effect. It seems that optimism is particularly important.

A new study has found that people with borderline personality disorder have a 13 times higher chance of reporting childhood trauma than people without.

A study of mutual consent, comfort, and communication in primary relationships finds that consensual nonmonogamy can be as healthy as monogamy.

Some researchers maintain that certain narcissistic traits could actually help safeguard mental health, offering a buffer against stress and depression.

New research suggests that the placebo effect can transmit from doctors to patients through subtle social cues, lessening the latter’s experience of pain.