China's agriculture ministry said on Tuesday that it would work to ensure the country's pork supplies and to keep the hog market stable despite the spread of the African swine fever virus.
Around 120 coal miners with black lung disease were due in Washington on Tuesday hoping to pressure Congress to restore a higher excise tax level on coal companies to help fund their medical care, as rates of the progressive respiratory disease rise in parts of Appalachia.
A large review and meta-analysis concludes that consistently following a healthful, plant-based diet may significantly reduce a person's diabetes risk.
New research proposes the use of electronic tongues for detecting bladder cancer in its early stages. The device is cheap, noninvasive, and easy to use.
French drugs and healthcare group Sanofi said on Tuesday it had signed a rights deal with Roche for the 'Tamiflu' product in the United States.
Some methods of improving digestion include avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and fried foods, eating more fiber, relaxing the body, and getting light exercise, such as walking. Learn more here.
A strain of malaria resistant to two key drugs has spread rapidly from Cambodia and has become dominant in Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand, with a "terrifying prospect" that it could reach Africa, scientists warned on Monday,
(Reuters Health) - Many nursing home residents who are hospitalized develop preventable health problems after they go back to the nursing facilities, a new study suggests.
(Reuters Health) - Many people in the U.S. take antibiotics that weren't prescribed for them, according to a new study that highlights one factor that may be contributing to the rise of antibiotic resistant infections.
(Reuters Health) - People who tend to eat mostly plants may be less likely to develop type 2 diabetes, a research review suggests.