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Medical News Today: ALS: A new therapy may be in sight

New research, led by Harvard scientists, identifies a novel potential therapeutic target for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Medical News Today: How can gold help repair muscle injuries?

In a new and innovative study, researchers have found that gold nanoparticles attached to anti-inflammatory agents can work to promote muscle regeneration.

Medical News Today: ALS: Immune cells may slow disease progression

For the first time in humans, researchers administered immune T cells to patients with ALS. This slowed down the progression of the disease.

Medical News Today: ALS: Most physically active have ’26 percent higher risk’

A large study conducted in three countries provides good evidence of a link between a history of vigorous physical activity and the risk of developing ALS.

Medical News Today: ALS: How ‘toxic’ proteins could protect neurons

Researchers have found that large, fibrous aggregates thought to drive Lou Gehrig's disease might actually help to protect motor neurons.