A heart surgeon testing positive for coronavirus prompted Cyprus to suspend admissions to its largest medical facility, close schools and ban large church services in a sweeping response on Tuesday.
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the Netherlands rose by 61 to 382, health officials said on Tuesday, as a large cluster was identified at a southern Dutch hospital.
Coronavirus did not compare with 45-year-old Dane Jakob Tage Ramlyng's worst bouts of flu. It was mild. His greatest concern was not passing it on.
The European Union will suspend a rule requiring airlines to run most of their scheduled services or else forfeit landing slots, to give carriers some breathing space as the coronavirus crisis deepens, EU chief Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday.
Democratic Republic of Congo confirmed its first case of coronavirus on Tuesday, bringing the number of countries in sub-Saharan Africa hit by the epidemic to seven.
The European Commission has proposed temporarily dropping the rule that airlines operate 80% of scheduled services to retain landing slots as the coronavirus outbreak pummels the global aviation industry.
Ryanair on Tuesday said it will cancel almost all of its flights to and from Italy for the next month, forcing it to cut its full year passenger forecast to end-March by 3 million.
The death toll in the United Kingdom from the coronavirus outbreak has risen to six, British health officials said on Tuesday.
The number of people testing positive for coronavirus in the United Kingdom has risen to 373, up from 319 the day before, health officials said on Tuesday.
KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hong Kong prison authorities rejected criticism of "modern slavery" on Tuesday as female inmates started working night shifts to produce millions of face masks after the fast-spreading coronavirus triggered shortages.