Medical News Today: Low vitamin D levels may raise bowel cancer risk

Pooling data from three continents and multiple studies, researchers find a link between lower vitamin D levels and increased risk of colorectal cancer.

Medical News Today: Aspirin’s anticancer effect explored

The common over-the-counter painkiller aspirin appears to protect against colorectal cancer. A new study uncovers the cellular mechanisms involved.

Medical News Today: Antifungal drug kills dormant colorectal cancer cells

Dormant tumor cells in colorectal cancer are therapy-resistant, but a new study has found that a drug used to treat fungal infections could eliminate them.

Medical News Today: Could gut bacteria drive colon cancer?

Could gut bacteria impact the development of colon cancer by interacting with molecules that help to regulate gene expression? A recent study investigates.

Medical News Today: Colorectal cancer: Treatment looks set for human clinical trials

An immunotherapy that engineers T cells to target only cancer cells killed tumors and prevented metastases in a mouse model of human colorectal cancer.

Medical News Today: Two common iron supplements may cause cancer

Researchers find that certain iron supplements — called ferric citrate and ferric EDTA — increase the levels of a cancer biomarker.

Medical News Today: New colon cancer drugs may arise from protein discovery

Researchers have uncovered new mechanisms by which a protein called APC can prevent colon cancer, a discovery that could lead to new drug treatments.

Medical News Today: Viagra may cut colorectal cancer risk by half

A new study in mice finds that a small daily intake of Viagra can reduce the formation of potentially cancerous polyps by 50 percent.