Acidosis refers to high levels of acid in the body. If the body becomes too acidic or too alkaline, this can cause serious health problems. Learn more here.
Blood test results can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks to come back. This article looks at the waiting times for different types of tests and which factors affect timings.
Aplastic anemia is a rare condition that damages vital stem cells in the bone marrow. Learn about the symptoms and treatment options for aplastic anemia here.
Por lo general. la presión arterial baja indica buena salud, pero cuando causa mareos, fatiga y náuseas, puede tener graves consecuencias para la salud, como una conmoción cerebral e insuficiencia renal. Posibles causas y nueve formas de subir la presión arterial.
In most cases, the organs in the body cleanse the blood without any extra help. In this article, learn about blood cleansers and whether they work.
La hemoglobina es una proteína en los glóbulos rojos. El oxígeno que ingresa a los pulmones se adhiere a esta proteína y los glóbulos transportan oxígeno a todo el cuerpo. Es importante conocer los niveles de hemoglobina, síntomas, riesgos y su relación con la anemia.
Claudication is pain, cramping, or fatigue in the muscles that usually occurs during exercise and goes away with rest. Learn about why it happens, what it feels like, and treatments here.
Son muchas las razones para el sangrado rectal después de limpiarse. Aquí observamos 11 causas, junto con las opciones de tratamiento disponible para cada una.
The rarest blood type is called Rhnull. Only around 1 in every 6 million people have Rhnull blood. Learn about other blood types and their compatibilities in this article.
Scientists have discovered that circulating blood contains bone-like particles and suggest that they may contribute to atherosclerosis.