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Medical News Today: What to know about urine drug screening

Doctors, sports officials, or employers may request a urine drug screen to check if a person has recently used illegal or prescription drugs. Urine tests can detect many substances, including alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana. The detection times differ, depending on the drug. Learn more here.

Medical News Today: Just how harmful is it to have 1 drink per day?

New research is piling up evidence indicating that even light drinking increases a person's risk of various health issues, as well as premature death.

Medical News Today: Drug overdose rates are rising, but can we ‘curb the epidemic for good?’

Scientists have conducted in-depth research into drug overdose trends. The findings may help specialists devise strategies to curtail this growing problem.

Medical News Today: Genetics may determine severe alcohol withdrawal

The sudden cessation of drinking in people with harmful drinking habits leads to withdrawal symptoms. But how do genes influence symptom severity?

Medical News Today: Using the immune system to combat addiction

An unlikely relationship between immune proteins and addictive behavior may help researchers design innovative ways to tackle cravings and beat addiction.

Medical News Today: Opioid crisis breakthrough: Non-addictive painkiller found effective

Researchers have developed a compound that simultaneously stops the addictive action of opioids and relieves chronic pain as effectively as morphine.

Medical News Today: The ‘safest level of drinking is none,’ says alcohol study

A study of alcohol use and its effects on health in 195 countries during 1990–2016 concludes that 'there is no safe level' of consumption.

Medical News Today: What long-term cannabis use can do to your brain

Cannabis and cannabis-based drugs are increasingly used for clinical purposes, but researchers warn they may also harm the brain. A new study explains how.

Medical News Today: Psychedelic drugs ‘may improve depression, anxiety, and PTSD’

Psychedelic drugs have a bad reputation, but could they be used to enhance psychotherapy? Some researchers argue they may help with anxiety and depression.

Medical News Today: Is it safe to drink alcohol while breast-feeding?

Is it safe to drink alcohol while breast-feeding? We explain how much alcohol enters breast milk and how long it takes for alcohol to metabolize out of the milk. Learn the recommendations and how to drink while breast-feeding without harming your baby.